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  • What is Lockjaw MFG.?
    Lockjaw MFG. is the worlds first and only Lock & Key apparel and merchandise supplier developed by those within the security industry for the locksport, lockpicking, professional locksmith and lock collectors of the world
  • Why Locks & Keys?
    Anyone that works with locks whether it be antiques or new hardware knows the rich history and art that can be found in these puzzle boxes that we trust to keep our homes and belongings safe. Enthusiasts around the world have fell in love with lockpicking through defeats and bypasses and exploiting manufacturer flaws in designs. Lockjaw was created to celebrate that art and creativity that we find in locks and keys all around the world!
  • Where do your designs come from?
    We work with many different artists around the world to help bring their distinct style to life while incorporating the sub culture of a already awesome locksport/lockpicking community.
  • What if I have an idea for a design or product?
    We would love to hear from you if you have a idea for a design or just a question in general. The world is a big place and people all over have different tastes and appreciations, if you have a question or idea please drop us a line on our contact us page!
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